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2018 .. decisive and decisive for the region

2018 .. decisive and decisive for the region .. Will the age of the Iranian regime 40 years?

Now, at the end of 2017, amidst the events, developments and transformations that are accelerating every day, we are witnessing a new wave of terror and fear by the regime of the ruling mullahs in Iran over developments in this region of the world. But this horror of who? And for what? Has this horror become routine and permanent?
Recently, the reactions of the Iranian regime to any movement or activity of the spectacular Iranian resistance are very different from the past. Because before all, all the leaders of the regime know that the overthrow of their regime will be available and possible only by the Iranian people and the Iranian resistance alone, and now it is very soon!
Throughout the reign of the mullahs, especially in the last two decades, in many political and diplomatic scenes, as well as scenes inside the country, the Iranian resistance has repeatedly called on the international community, particularly the powerful world countries, to adopt a decisive policy against the mullahs' regime.
A policy centered on changing the Iranian regime. But because of Western appeasement and appeasement policies, such calls to this day have not received a positive response, and at best they have not gone beyond "convictions". 

Worse still, it has labeled numerous terrorist labels with Iran's unfounded resistance to health, paving the way for gross human rights violations in Iran and paving the way for the expansion and export of terrorism and fundamentalism of the mullahs' regime outside Iran.
The strategies and policies that poured into the pockets of the ruling mullahs' system and the shameful life of "the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism" have survived to this day!
In other words, despite all the calls, calls and continuous and continuous revelations of Iranian resistance to regime scandals in the past two decades, Iran's human rights record under the mullahs, particularly the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners, has been closed and not resolved So far, arrests, torture and executions continue to expand and grow every day.

85 million Iranian people live below the poverty line
The Iranian economy is in the hands of a few of the regime's leaders, especially the repressive leaders and repressive forces of the Guards, and the Iranian people in a very painful economic situation. More than 30 percent of Iran's 85 million people live below the poverty line, according to government reports. The recent earthquake in western Iran and the popular protests in Tehran and other Iranian regions are new documents of this fact.
The nuclear agreement between the regime and the Western countries is still on the table and has already returned billions of dollars to this repressive regime. They will allocate these funds to export terrorism and fundamentalism in Iraq, Syria, Lebanese Hezbollah and the Houthis in Yemen rather than in the service of the Iranian people.
Interventions and bloody crimes of the Iranian regime continue in the countries of the region. As this system has not been cut off, hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives in the region, and the West's inept policies have led to the regime continuing to kill people. And all decisions in this regard have been violated.
But within a year or so since the beginning of this year, along with the growing expansion of Iranian resistance activities and popular protests against the mullahs' regime in various parts of Iran, we are witnessing a new and unprecedented wave of political positions and harsh blows, both by the US side in the US Congress and the Council. The Senate, the Union and the European Parliament, the United Nations, or the Arab States, together and one by one. Between each side of its policies and positions of the Iranian regime.
What distinguishes the current horror of the regime from the resistance to the past is due to the fact that the corners of this world have been opened in recent months to the calls and calls of the Iranian resistance, which is tireless and boring and has the effectiveness and influence of the Kabirin inside Iran, This resistance in previous years. This is the same horror that shook the pillars of the rule of the jurist.

Now that the Iranian resistance has become more cohesive and stronger than before, it is preparing to overthrow this regime, and shows that there is a strong international consensus that the only way to end the crises in the region is to change the regime in Iran. This is the correct policy and strategy that the Iranian resistance has maintained from the beginning, and it has depended on it on the basis of its own capabilities and the capabilities of its people and refuses to abandon them in any way.
The leaders of the mullahs have repeatedly acknowledged that the first and most important opponent of their regime is Iranian resistance. Therefore, the main aim of this regime was to kill and destroy the Iranian resistance forces. The Iranian Resistance is a resistance that has provided more than 120,000 martyrs, part of which was the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in 1988.
It is also no secret that the international community owes its thanks to the Iranian resistance in uncovering the nuclear projects of the mullahs' regime. It is because of the recognition of high-level US officials that it is the Iranian resistance that has informed the international community for the first time about this dangerous project and its continued provision of updated information every day.
In the area of ​​expansion and terrorism, and the interference of this regime in the internal affairs of countries, the Iranian resistance, such as the dam in the face of the policies of this regime, made the world aware of the intentions of this regime and its anti-human nature. Now the international community is aware that Iran's religious fascism is the source of terrorism, the main terrorist bank and the world's largest supporter of terrorism.
Now, we start the New Year, where the Iranian regime received the messages of this new era before everyone else. It is not far from the day when the fate of Iran is in the interest of the Iranian people and the Iranian resistance. After nearly four decades of rule, sovereignty will return to the Iranian people and the region and the world will return peace and security to the Iranian people held hostage in Iran!
• Analysis - Abdul Rahman Mahabadi / writer and political analyst expert on Iranian affairs. 

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