Wednesday, August 29, 2018


By Abdolrahman Mahabadi
In a country run by dictators, the voice of opponents usually penetrates through the public much later one would hope; especially when the dictators are like that of Iran’s current regime, who continue to take advantage of people’s genuineness under the mask of “Islam”.
People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) are amongst the many who’ve taken many hits from both regimes of Pahlavi and Mullahs. MEK knew from early on, that with either one of these regimes on top, Iran would go under a big dark cloud of colonial conspiracies and abuse of religious beliefs, which is why MEK never backed down as the regimes’ only significant alternative, ever since the commencement of Mullah’s dictatorship!
MEK never voted for the constitution of Mullahs, which was “based on Velayet-e-Faqih” (Absolute clerical authority) and in clear contrast with democratic values. Their resistance irritated Khomeini to the extent that he went against his own words and interfered with the presidential campaign of Massoud Rajavi, who was supported by many freedom-seeking individuals and organisations at the time. Khomeini even ordered a Fatwa against MEK, who he described as “worse than unbelievers”, leading to countless deaths that are still happening today!

Whilst Khomeini was trying to stabilise his own dictatorship in Iran, he was putting a lot of pressure on MEK to get join in fighting the people of Kurdistan as well as in various other religious matters; but once again, MEK refused to cooperate, and instead, united with the freedom-seeking people of Kurdistan, in their defence. Hearing another “no” from MEK, infuriated Khomeini, but that didn’t stop MEK from continuing their support for the people of Iran, and their fight against Mullahs’ interference in the Middle East.
On 20th June 1981, MEK organized a demonstration in which half a million people participated and protested peacefully in Tehran against Khomeini’s regime, which once again angered Khomeini, so he ordered the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) forces to shoot at defenceless protesters leading to a bloodshed.
To maintain their values, which mainly revolve around independency and democracy, MEK have had to cross a very difficult path that was set for them by Mullahs. They are now proud to have come out of so many challenges successfully and to declare themselves as the regime’s “greatest” and “oldest” democratic alternative to the world.

MEK founded the “
National Council of Resistance of Iran” (NCRI) in 1982. Back when Khomeini was stubbornly continuing war with Iraq, and shortly after Iraq’s retreat, NCRI signed a peace deal with Iraq’s government which was welcomed by many Iranians and international societies. Four years later, NCRI moved to Iraq and formed its “National Liberation Army” there, which got Khomeini’s skin so bad that after 2 years, he ended up accepting the Resolution 598! He knew that not complying would have meant an end to his regime! Which itself proved just how right MEK were.
It’s now been 4 decades since, and the stand-off between Mullahs and MEK continues. During this time, 30 thousand political prisoners have been executed, just for being “Mojahedin-e-Khalq” (which is another term for MEK) and for saying “no” to the dictatorship of Mullahs.
These 40 years mark the many attempts of the regime to silence its opponents both in and out of the country, using all kinds of “negotiation” tactics and empty promises. They also mark the cruel threatening, imprisonment, torture, and execution of many Iranians; along the masks of moderation and reformism that this regime has constantly been wearing as well as its pretentious humanitarian activities via its so called “not-for-profit organisations”. The only force that has ever remained honest and loyal to Iranians, which the regime has always found threatening, has been the NCRI; which is now the hope of not just many Iranians but also the world. In fact, the string of protests witnessed across Iran since last year, is the fruit of NCRI’s persistence and hard work over the years.
Despite all of regime’s many attempts to terrorise MEK (via bombs, missiles, and war), or their colonial conspiracies, or them listing MEK as terrorists, or imprisoning, torturing and executing MEK endlessly, MEK have never stopped fighting for freedom.
Now that these 40 years are coming to an end, we can see how “tough” NCRI has really been as it still keeps its eyes on subverting this “thousand-faced” regime of Mullahs; it’s not too long now before victory is achieved and the tables turned!

Abdolrahman Mahabadi, political analyst and writer

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